Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Summer had her first holdiday activity since being here in Texas. It was the annual Easter egg hunt sponsored by the Manor Community Center. She had a really good time running around hunting eggs and candy. Since it was on a day that Toby had to go to work, we stayed long enough for her to get her prizes and do the hunt. It was a beautiful sunny warm day for the activity. Unfortunatly, since Toby had to work very late the night before, we were rushing out of the house to make it to the hunt by 11:00 so I forgot my camera.

After we got back home Toby left for work and Summer headed out the door to play with the neighbor kids. They own one of those big blow up water slides so the kids were having a blast playing on the slide and in the water. They were also freezing to death because although the temps here were close to the 80's, the wind out here makes it feel much cooler.

I had went over next door for a little while to chat with the mom while the kids played. At the end of the day Summer and I both had sunburns from being out in the sun.

Because the trees are sparse around here there isn't much shade. Since birth Summer has never been in alot of sun. The home she grew up in was surrounded by shade trees so she was always protected from the sun. She is so fair skinned that I am going to have the extra job of keeping an eye on her skin this year.

On a different note....Lucas will be arriving this Fri. I can't wait to see him. I have been spending my time this week planning excursions.

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  1. Hey, Laura! It's really good to "talk" to you and see that you and your family are doing well. Texas looks great....your house is adorable...and what great parks to have so close by - Summer has to love that! I love keeping up with people through blogs.....I visit Jennifer's all the time and have made a few other friends far away since I started blogging. Blogging seems to be a homeschool many great people to talk to and so many ideas! So great to hear from you....stop by and "visit" me again :) Talk to you soon! Sandra