Saturday, March 29, 2008

Together Again

Easter Day in Manor, Texas 2007

Well, my son left on a plane back to Mobile this morning after a great week of family time. I will tell you that this farwell was 100 times worse than when we first moved to Austin without him. As I am writing right now about it my eyes are not dry. I have spent my whole day crying on and off as if he were dead and gone instead of a days drive away. In one desperate moment after I dropped him off at the airport, I actually had real thoughts of packing up, selling my home and trekking it back to Mobile just to be near him. Fortunately reality kicked in and I realized that mama bird can't keep the babies in the nest forever.

Anyway, on with the week. Saturday, Toby had to work all day so we spent time catching up and showing Lucas around the neighborhood. The wind around here is great for kite flying so here they are flying the kite.

Toby was didn't have to go in until late Sunday so we took Lucas to the cool park down the road. They just added a disc golf course that Toby and Lucas took advantage of while he was here.

During the week, we took him mostly sightseeing to Mt. Bonnell, Lake Travis, Barton Springs and McKinney Falls. Lucas isn't the type to like walking around downtown or visiting the capitol. The weather was great for outdoorsey kind of stuff so that is mostly what we did. Here are some highlights.

Shortly after this pic was made, Lucas had to jump in the water and save Summer from being swept down the river current. I'm glad he was there because I was fully clothed and reluctant to be the "hero" of the day!

We also took a walk out into the greenbelt behind our house. Our neighbors built a gate out into it so they can have easy access....which means we have easy access too. Lucas said it was a kids dream come true back there. I agree. It's so peaceful..almost like an enchanted forest. Derrick, our neighbor built a swing for the kids back there. Here are some pics of the greenbelt.

Summer's birthday was on Friday so we had a little informal birthday party. It was really nice having Lucas here for Easter and for Summer's birthday. Here are some pics from Summer's party.

Lucas was trying to play a video game and Summer was more interested in rough housing with her brother....something he and Toby taught her of course. :-)

Summer made her a lookout tower for the greenbelt.

The Birthday Girl.....Happy 7th Summer!

Summer and Ginny

Summer and her two friends from next door, Leslie and Phillip

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  1. Oh, Laura!! I am about to cry right now reading your post about Lucas leaving! Happy Birthday to Summer. I HAVE to call you and have a chat very soon. This is ridiculous that I have not talked to you in so long. !!