Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Pioneer Farm

Today we visited the Pioneer Farm here in Austin. After visiting the Pioneer Farm while we were in Troy Alabama, I knew that no farm could compare. But I do have to say that the farm here was very interactive. They even had people dressed up in pioneer attire, which really gave the feel of what it was like back in the day.

We also found out that all of the workers/volunteers there homeschool their kids. They were very nice and gave us alot of info about 4-H there at the farm and homeschooling in Texas. The nice lady we were talking to was also a unschooler, and after talking to her I felt much better about my slacking in "desk work" since we have moved here.

We had a relaxing time walking in the farm and taking in the information. After we got back home, Summer played with her new friends next door and Toby got ready to go into work. I really don't like it when he goes in at 7:00 at night, but somebody has to pay the bills. :-)

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