Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Movie Day

Since the weather was kind of rainy this week we decided that our weekly field trip would be to take in a movie. We don't hardly ever go to the movie theatre. The last time we went we saw Monster House, and that was nearly two years ago.

I had seen the movie "Spiderwick" advertised and thought it looked like it might be a good movie to see in the theatre. It was St. Patrick's Day and it was a Monday so that left us being the only ones in the theatre watching the movie. It was like we had our own little personal theatre....it was great! The movie was pretty good too. I don't know if I would have liked it as well at home on my T.V. but the movie kept my interest in the theatre.

Today we took a trip downtown to check out the Austin Museum of Art. It was a little larger version of Space 301 in Mobile. I was actually looking for an Art Museum like the one at Langan Park in Mobile, but have yet to find it yet. There are many art museums here I will have to sift throught to find it. That is one of the drawbacks of living in a larger city, it takes you longer to find your "favorites".

For example, I woke up the other morning craving a good Cracker Barrell breakfast. After thinking about it Toby and I ealized that we have not even seen a Cracker Barrell in Austin. How can a city like Austin not have a Cracker Barrell! Anyway, after internet research I discovered that there is one in Round Rock which is about 20 miles north of us. Too bad.

Anyway, while we were walking to the museum downtown today we passed by the OMNI Hotel. It was massive and fancy looking so Summer and I decided we wanted to check out the inside. When we got in there Summer spotted the glass elevator. Summer seems to think that glass elevators are like amusement park rides so off we went to take it to the top.

Of course I can never look out while we are riding in those things, but Summer was having a blast watching out the glass while we flew up and down. The place was so massive and had so many windows that when we reached the top Toby and I were both woozy.

I had idley made the comment when we first walked in the OMNI that we would probably see somebody famous while we were in there. Well, on our trip down a man walked into the elevator with us. He was facing me and making comments about Summer enjoying the view down and how his little girl used to love to do the same. All the while he was talking to me I knew that he looked familiar and I could tell the way he was carrying himself he was not "ordinary".

It was driving me crazy trying to place his face and voice. Finally, I figured out that he was David Birney. Not really that famous, but he still made me nervous while talking to him. Of course, there was a T.V. in the elevator so Toby was oblivious to anything going on. And of course he doesn't even know who David Birney is. It doesn't matter anyway, Toby's opinion is that they are people just like we are. We'll see what he say's when a celebrety comes downtown to the shop he works in and get a tattoo. I'm sure it will be a different story then!

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  1. I'm in Toby's camp...I had to look online to figure out who David Birney was. But now I know! How cool! Incidentally we don't have very many Walmarts in Cincinnati--which I consider a blessing, but unusual just the same.

    Living in a large city is great, isn't it? There's so much cool stuff to do that it's hard to narrow it all down! You'll find 'your' special places eventually, but it'll be fun trying new things til you find them! We still haven't done even a small portion of the cool stuff there is around Cincinnati!