Thursday, March 13, 2008

Neighbors and Sociality

I am not a social person at heart, but since moving to Texas I had made a deal with myself that I would become more social.....for Summer's sake more than mine. I personally would be satisfied reading a book or surfing the net.

Since this was a new neigborhood, when we first moved in we didn't have any direct neighbors. I found myself getting comfortable with my seclusion. And of course Summer is used to entertaing herself, but I know that all children like playmates.

It seems since the first neighbor moved in that when it rains it pours. Now we are surrounded by neighbors. Since none of them have been observed selling drugs, playing loud offensive music, or sloffing down the street, I have made the assumption that that they are much better than what I hence came from.

It's been comfortable weather and Toby has been at work alot this week, (South by Southwest Music Festival) so Summer and I have been spending time outside pulling up weeds and roaming the yard. Seems like everyone else has been taking advantage of this too because in one day I met 3 new neighbors.

So far, I give my new neighborhood an A plus. Everyone is so nice and family oriented. It really does seem like we have died and gone to heaven. Maybe to someone else it may not seem like much....but you don't know light until you have seen the darkness. :-)

Anyway, I finally got a pic of the strange adult excercise park equipment I posted about a a week or so ago. Here it is:

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