Sunday, March 2, 2008

Walk, Wind, Walk, Wind

I got up this morning knowing it was going to be a tough day for me. I knew the kids next door were going out of town for the weekend and Toby had to work days. And.....there is NOTHING on T.V. on a saturday when you don't pay for cable.

I figured I would use my time wisely and get in some school time. After we got some "school" accomplished I decided, since it was a pretty warm day, that we would walk up to the Texaco.

You have to remember that we still only have one vehicle, and Toby was at work. Sooo....we decided to make the mile or so trekk to the Texaco. Mind you, if I had enough nerve to cross the rattle snake infested greenbelt we would not have as far to travel.

The day was very warm so after a few blocks Summer and I were sweating bullets (and I don't sweat). We finally made it to the Texaco and made our "treat" purchases.
Thank goodness for the relentless wind around here, or our trip back to the house may have been really hot. Thank goodness I'm not a "hair person" or I would never make it here. I don't know where this wind comes from, but it constantly blows. And I thought Chicago was the windy city. :-)

The trip to the Texaco and back took an hour and a half. By the time we got back to the house I was done for the day......unfortunately Summer wasn't. She wanted to go up to the elementary school up the road to shoot hoops. In hopes that she would wear out early for the night, I agreed to the walk up to the school. Fortunatly, on the way up to the school I remembered the neighborhood park on the way. We stopped there where Summer played basketball with a load of boys. They were just a couple of years older than her. I guess having an older brother has it's advantages, because she hung with them like she belonged there.

At the edge of the neighborhood park there is some woods. While we were there we saw some rabbits roaming around. I guess this explains the dead ones we saw in the road on the way to the Texaco.

After shooting hoops Summer wanted to play at the little park there with the boys. They had a really good time. One of the things I love the most about our neighborhood is it is very diverse culturely. You have a good mixture of mostly spanish, a lot of white and a little black. I like that Summer has been exposed to different races in her lifetime. I believe this will not make here feel that she is seperate from other human species.....after all we are all made out of the same thing.

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