Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lake Travis Wonderland

We finally got around to checking out the west side of Austin today. It has the reputation for being the most desirable area in Austin to live, including some celebrities like John Travolta and Sandra Bullock and other "rich folk" owning homes in the area.

The west side includes Lake Travis and Lake Austin, which in reality is the Colorado River. You could see the scenerary change as soon as you entered the west side of Austin. This is the area where the actual "hill country" begins. It is absolutley breathtaking. I have never seen a place where the topography can change so much within one city.

It was really a tiring day because we visited all the county parks in the area surrounding the Lake. With the hills around here, there is continual climbing up and down. There is a lot of excercise to be had in this city.

We found a few places that we intend to visit again. And even though we didn't manage to visit "Hippie Hollow", the cities nude beach, we did get to see some naked swimming going on. I didn't point it out to Summer but she obviously saw it on her own because she came up to me and whispered "Did you see that boy swimming without his clothes on?" And they thought New Orleans was the city of sin. :-)

Here are a few pics of our day trip:

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