Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Park Adventure

Although today was not planned to be an outing day, it kind of ended up that way. Of course since it was not a "planned" outing day, I didn't bring my camera.

Like I have mentioned before, there are many, many, parks here. There is one not far from us that I have been wanting to venture. From what I have heard there are fossils to be found in this park. Well, being the homeschooling mom I am this had me very intrigued.

We ended up visiting the park because Toby had to go out today to a Office Depot. Conveniently, the park was only a hop, skip, and a jump from the Office Depot. I suggested we hop on over there and check it out.

The park turned out to be on my list of favorite parks. Let me stress the "parks" here are not just parks. They are very large and fully equipped with hiking/biking trails, pools, playground equip, and in most cases, built on creeks or the river.

It always amazes me the amount of water access here....even though it is a pretty good way from the coast. Being from the coast, I never realized there was such water access away from the edges of the U.S. Learn something new everyday!

By the way, I did want to mention that the only reason most of the parks are equipped with pools is because most people cannot afford built in pools here. Because of the limestone and rock. They have to be blasted in....big money.

On with the park story. We found one of the trails that lead to the creek. It was a pretty good walk along the creek and it was BEAUTIFUL! The rock cliffs were massive and breathtaking. Since I didn't have my camera there is no way I could describe the beauty and of course sometimes a camera can't do a place justice.

At one point I thought I had spotted sand.....only to discover it was only very white limestone. Summer was having a blast walking along the edge of the rock and playing in the creek. We even found some honeysuckle to snack on.

To be honest, I absolutely love it here. It is everything I imagined it would be and more.

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