Sunday, April 13, 2008


After 4 months of living in Austin I finally got to sightsee downtown Austin. Since we have only one car right now I am limited in where I can go.....and since Toby works downtown, that's not one of the places that he wants to sightsee when he is off duty.

So, since he works day hours on Saturdays, and Saturdays are pretty boring here at the house for Summer and I......the neighbors are usually off doing family things and there is nothing on T.V and we don't usually do school on Saturdays.....we decided to hitch a ride with Toby to work so that we could tour downtown while he was working.

I was a little reluctant about my idea, thinking that I could not entertain Summer and I all day downtown until Toby's quitting time at 7:00 p.m. but I decided after weighing the options of entertaining Summer at home with nothing or possibilties of downtown......I opted for downtown.

I am glad I chose dowtown because we had a really good time. We entertained ourselves very well with different attractions/museums. Austin's downtown is very big so we only covered two streets in one day.....we have plenty more to go.

Next week there will be an Earth Day Event downtown so Summer and I will probably go with Toby to work again. I am looking forward to another fun-filled weekend. Maybe next week I will remember my camera!

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