Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Weekly Field Trip to the ZOO

I know in Summer's lifetime we have taken her to atleast 20 zoos! I guess a zoo is something you can never tire of...even as an adult.

There is only one zoo in Austin and it's quite a drive from us on the Southewestern side. We were reluctant to visit the zoo because Ginny had told us that it was not that great of a zoo. I guess she had never been to any bad zoos before because we found this zoo to be pretty darn good!

Anyway we took our chances and had a really good time. They had the typical animals at the zoo, but we did see one we had never even heard of or seen before. I don't remember it's technical name but they called him a "bear cat". Toby and I were checking him out because we had never seen or heard of this animal before. Summer and I have this new thing that we say learn one new thing a day. This animal was our new thing for the day.

The shot of our "bear cat" isn't a very good one so anyone interested may have to google him.

Here are a few pics of our outing:

I don't know who wanted out of the petting pen worse...Toby or the goat.

Not such a good pic of the "bear cat".


  1. Oddly enough, the University of Cincinnati mascot is the Bearcat! Our zoo in Cincy just got a baby one! Y'all seem to be having so much fun and so many outings!

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