Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Week's Adventures

As I have said before, we try to have at least one activity/field trip a week. Monday, we decided to go play putt-putt golf. Summer loves to play and though it's not very "educational" we decided that we better take advantage and go ahead and get our yearly putt-putt in before it got to hot to stand out in a putt-putt course. Personally, I believe putt-putt is a bit overpriced, but Summer had a good enough time that she wanted to keep playing...too bad for her because I wasn't going to pay another $15 for another round.

Tuesday, we decided to visit a place Toby's co-worker told him about. It was a really cool place a watershed/aquifier place. They have alot of these places around here....I suppose because of being on the Colorado River. All the "attractions" around here are so big we can only visit small portions at a time. Here is a little of what we visited today.

Toby and I were wondering why they had a fire hydrant in the middle of an isolated stream.....hmmmmmm

Today we visited the Botanical Gardens at Zilker. I have to say that this place was absolutely beautiful....and the best part was it was free! The weather was great today for this excursion. It was overcast and slightly drizzling with a slight breeze making the 80 degree temps very comfortable. Here are some shots of the day: