Friday, April 4, 2008

Our First Playdate in Austin

After all the whirlwind of moving to another state and finally settling into our new home, I decided it was time to start meeting some other homeschoolers. Yes, I do have neighbor chicks to talk to and Summer has a couple of neighbor playmates, but nothing beats having a couple of good homeschool friends to add to the mix.....after all nobody understands us "oddballs" but our own.

Because Austin is so much larger than Mobile, I knew park days would be too overwhelming for both Summer and I. So I got the idea of calling forth all homeschoolers in the "East side" of Austin and got a couple of bites. There has also been a new homeschool group formed out of "east siders".

One of the things that has made me fall in love with Austin is that they have tons of parks here. Instead of a church on every corner, like in Mobile, there is a park on every corner here. And I'm talking good parks loaded with plenty of playground equipment, walking and biking trails and most all of them have pools. The parks here are very well maintained and are kept under control.

Anyway, I met "Angela" at a park nearby. She has a 8 year old daughter. We really hit it off well and had alot in common and the girls were glued together like old friends. She has only been living in Austin for 2 years and like me has no family or friends nearby. She is originally from Shreveport, LA. I didn't realize how much I missed homeschool get togethers and companionship. It's hard to get into a groove in a new place, but I am determined to make a new homeschooling family here.

The only drawback I have right now is that we only have 1 car. There are so many things here that I would love to participate in but with Toby's strange hours it makes it hard to manipulate the car. When we first moved here I didn't mind because I didn't know my way around anyway, but now I am pretty familiar with my area and I'm getting wanting to venture around Summer and I use to in Mobile.

On another note, we got a little bit of sad news the other day. It seems that our neighbors on one side of us are moving. The ones with the little girl Summer's age. They just bought the house! The dad is a manager of an electronics store and is getting transferred to California! I really hate that because they are such good neighbors and I don't if we could get any better Summer would lose a playmate.....and me a new friend.

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