Sunday, April 20, 2008


Well I really debated about going to work with Toby today. But again I decided at least Summer and I could occupy ourselves downtown better than at the house by ourselves, without a vehicle on a Saturday.....even if it meant being stuck downtown for hours on end.

There was an Earth Day Event going on at a park within walking distance of the shop, so I figured Summer and I could spend a couple of hours there. It was a really well planned event and plenty of stuff for kids to do. It was also a really hot day so I got a little burnt. Here are some pics of the festival:

Summer was really impressed with the color coded porto pots!

After we left the festival, we decided it was time for a little lunch. Unfortunatley, as with all the downtown areas I have ever visited or lived in, there isn't much in the way of just a bite to in a McDonalds or something. All the places we were passing were fancy, expensive or looked like a bar room/eating area. The bar room one looked good to me. A cold beer and a nice cool place to sit and chill, but Summer would have no part of a dark place with booze lined we headed directly back to the shop to get some eating ideas from Toby.

As it would go sometimes, Toby gets a customer an hour before his shift is up. Unfortunately in his business, when the customer comes you have to stay until they are finished...and depending upon the size of the tattoo, it could be hours. Summer and I went again venturing downtown. I knew it would be a couple of hours that we had to kill so I was glad we were in a city of plenty to do.

We stopped in for a tour at the Driskill Hotel. Outside the hotel were the horse and carriage tours so of course Summer wanted to pet the horses.

Okay now, check out this cool cow skin sofa Summer is on...I love it. They also sell tons of these cow skin rugs here in Austin. Toby doesn't seem as attracted to them as I am....hence, the reason why we don't have one on our living room floor right now.

After the Driskill, we decided to book it to Town Lake several blocks away hoping to catch a glimpse of the bats under the Congress Ave. the way, which is the largest bat colony in the world and one of Austin's biggest attractions.

There were alot of things on the way to Town Lake to see, but since it was past 5:00 we could mostly window look. It was getting dusk so all the tourist were out and there were alot of adult things going on, etc. BUT, even though my daughter did not have the patience to wait around under the bridge to watch the bats take flight, we did hear them. They were very noisy and smelled like a zoo underneath the bridge.

I am very impressed with Summer too. She has always been very active and physically strong but since we have been here she has proved her physical strength in ways that I never could have at her age..or mine. I know we had to have walked at least 3 miles today and she never once complained of the walking.

All in all, we had a very good day. I was glad we opted to go with Toby to work. Living in such a vibrant city I hate to miss any opportunity not to take advantage of it's "surprises".

I'm so glad that I stepped foot out of my "comfort zone" and took a chance. Even if it doesn't work out for us here, I can always say that I have experienced and tried something different. There is SO much to see and learn I don't want to waste any of it.

I know this was a long post, but our day was very long.

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