Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bob Bullock and Austin Nature

This week's "field trip" was to the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum. I knew from past experience that a history museum is only interesting to Toby and I, but on Summer's insistence we paid our admission and went on in.

Her attraction to the museum was probably the sculptured figures of steer, native americans, replicas of 1800 housing in Texas, etc. Of course, Toby and I wanted to read all the info on Texas history and ponder the history. But no, as usual in any historical museum, we are being drug from one exhibit to the other without really being able to intake any of it....only the pictures you would say in figurative speech.

Needless to say, Toby and I could have stayed in there another hour or so. The museum was 3 stories high and chock full of Texas history.

Tbe next day, since we enjoyed Walnut Creek so much last week, we took a trip back. It was Earth Day and the Earth was definitely alive for us that day. We saw so much wildlife on our trek down the creek. Thank goodness I had my camera this time so I have some pretty good pics.

We saw a mating fest of grandaddy longlegs and damsel flys. Three in the creek we were walking in. A couple of spotted soft shelled found snake skin...spiny lizards..etc.

Here are some pics:

Here are some pics of the creek:

I had to post this pic. As I inspected the rock cliff I discovered that it was very crumbly rock. After inspecting it for a while and noticed that there were alot of big hunks of rock laying underneath the cliff, I realized that the rock falls off in seen in some of my cliff photos. BEWARE: Do not sit directly under cliff and watch for falling rocks!

Fortunatley the rock we were walking on is millions of years old so it is very hard...the older the limestone rock the harder it is.

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