Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Haircuts For Everyone!

Toby has been growing his hair long for a while now. He's always had this on and off thing with his hair and thankfully he is one of those people that can look good either way.....in my opinion.

One the word haircut got out to Summer she decided she wanted one to. Well, you may find this hard to believe but Summer has never had a haircut. She didn't even grow hair until she was 3 years old. And of course, the last time I had my haircut was right before we moved to Austin in Dec. and the girl that cut my hair did a horrible job. Plus, the wind out here is so bad that it makes having long hair a real hassle.
I opted for a shorter do myself.

Anyway, we got to the hair cut place and Toby and I both went and sat down at the same time. The chick cutting Toby's hair was white so there was good communication.
Well, the chick that was going to cut my hair was mexican and her english was very very broken. And since I speak very very little spanish, I was worried about what the outcome of my hair would be.

I wanted my hair a couple of inches shorter and layered around my face.....I explained this to her and she acted as if she understood. In the end she did a really good job cutting my hair. Matter of fact, I was very satisfied with the outcome. Here is a pic of Toby and Summmer's new do:

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  1. Where's the picture of YOUR haircut?? I wanna see it!!