Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Natural Science and Nature Science

After five months of being here, I am finally starting to find my favorite attractions. There is alot to weed through and I still have plenty more to go. The good thing is my list of favorites are also the free things.

For instance, yesterday we visited the Natural Science Museum on the UT campus. It was great! It was 3 stories full of dinosaur bones found in central Texas, Texas wildlife, fossils, rocks, etc. This place was interesting enough to keep Summer and us satisfied.

Unfortunately there was a group of school kids there when we first got there. I have come to the conclusion that when school kids go on a field trip they are not very interested in what they are going to see...they just love being out from behind those metal doors and school desks. They were acting like they were on a playground instead of in a museum. Whew, we were glad when they left and we had the place to ourselves.

Today we had our first homeschool field trip. I had signed up for this trip a month or so ago. It was to a nature center kind of class/instructional field trip. It was very informative and I learned a few things I didn't know. I was surprised to see Summer being so interactive answering questions and wanting to tell stories of her own to the teachers. She seemed to enjoy the "school" atmosphere of it all...which may or may not be a good thing.

Needless to say, the kids on the homeschool field trip were alot calmer and not so "active". I didn't really meet anyone new...no one introduced themselves to me and I in turn did not try to make any new aquaintances. One or two friends are enough for me. I didn't feel the need to aquire anymore friends or join into any female oriented dramatically religious/secular atmosphere...been there done that. Besides, I am very good at joining in on acitivities periodically and not getting entangled in their web.

We actually do fine finding our own field trips and extracurriculars anyway. And as far as the big "socialization" issue for Summer goes, we have our one homeschool friends we made and and a pretty good crowd of neighborhood kids.

As soon as we get the one car issue solved, I am wanting to get her into some extracurriculars like art or gymnastics. But for now we have plenty on our plate.

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