Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday August 9, 2009

Since Toby had to be in to work by 4:00p.m today, we were looking for something we could all do together before he had to go in.

Lucas had mentioned wanting to go to a park. I must mention that the parks here are not just regular playground parks. Most all of the parks are not only equipped with playgrounds, they have hiking/biking trails, pools, creeks, and other amenities.

I chose Pfluger Park since I knew the park would be appealing to Lucas and it was also close by Toby's shop. What I wasn't thinking about was that it was 100 degrees outside and by the time Toby trekked around the park with us he would be pouring sweat and not smelling too sweet. He managed to do a good job of hiding out in the shade...which is where he stayed most of the time. Hopefully he kept cool enough not to offend his customers. :-) Toby is a a much better sport than I am.

Although Angela and I have been to this particular park for playdate a few times I never realized that there is a whole system to this park called the Heritage Trail. There are several different parks that are connected along this hike and bike trail....almost like a neighborhood of connected parks. I never knew that until I ventured out around the park area today. I guess you do learn something new every day. :-)

Here are some pics of us at the park today....

Instead of helping me across, Toby delighted in taking pics of me trying to make it across the log above the creek. You can't tell in the pic, but the log is a couple of feet above the creek. I really don't know why everyone else balanced so well across the log....

Here we are testing out the exercise equipment while Toby stood in the shade and took pics of us...

Is this not the cutest pic??? This little squirrel was trying his best to keep cool....

After we left the park we ate at Fazoli's. We really wanted to take Lucas to lunch somewhere that Mobile does not have, but come to find out, even though there is a Fazoli's in Mobile he has never eaten there. So no matter how unoriginal it was...Fazoli's it was.

After we ate a late lunch and shopped around a little bit we dropped Toby off at work. By this time the kids were wanting an afternoon snack so I took them to the Tomunchi's Yogurt Shop.

Next we were off to J.C.Penney. There is one thing I will point out about my son...HE HATES TO CLOTHES SHOP. Everything he owns is work or outdoor clothes. He has nothing casual because he does nothing casual. If he is not at work or school he is cycling or surfing...or some other outdoor activity. Therefore he came to Austin with the intention of shopping with me so I could help him find some casual clothes.

I thought Toby was difficult to shop for but Lucas takes the cake. There were a ton of nice clothes in J.C. Penney (his favorite clothes store I might add) and a great sale going on, but he couldn't manage to pick but one outfit out.

I can only pray my daughter will not be that difficult to shop for when she is older. I am almost dreading our trip to the mall tomorrow where we will have to continue our shopping to replenish his 10 year old wardrobe. Lucas does decade shopping...not yearly shopping. He reminds me of both his father AND his stepfather in this aspect.

At the moment Lucas is napping on the couch with the dog while Summer is playing in my 2 loads of freshly washed clothes waiting to be folded on my bed. I have so much fun with my kids when we are together it makes me wonder why I never wanted more.....


  1. I'm not even done reading yet, but I am laughing at the first pic of you & loving it, because it reminds me of our goofy days! Love the look on your face!

  2. Benji hates clothes shopping too! I'm glad you're having fun! Keep on enjoying!

  3. Every time I see pictures of that park I am so jealous. It looks like such a neat place to visit.