Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thoughts Become Things...Choose the Good Ones

In my doom and gloom of late, I have not felt much like doing my daily wifely/motherly duties, much less feeling creative enough to blog. In all honesty, I have had the strong desire to disappear off the face of the earth. Of late, I have felt worthless, ugly inside and out, unfulfilled, and unimportant to anyone and everyone. I am pinning all these feelings on that wonderful gift from God us women call "hormones".

On a more hopeful note, I do feel like my hormones are shifting back into place and I am feeling a little more like "myself".

Earlier tonight I got on a cleaning binge and decided to clean out my e-mail inbox. I had tons of e-mails awaiting to be read, you know the ones that you intend to read but never find the time. I went on about the business of checking and deleting - hoping there was nothing important in my mile long inbox.

As I was checking I noticed something that read FutureMe on the subject line. It sounded remotely familiar so I opened it. This is what I read....

Composed on October 13,2007

Dear FutureMe, I know your living in the lap of luxury in Texas right now. Your finally financially comfortable and living the life of your dreams. All your spiritual practice has finally gotten you somewhere and you are blissfully satisfied and happy with your beautiful new home and family. You have a few close friends and Summer is doing well in "school" and also has a few good friends. Toby is finally where he wants to be in his dream....a good shop where he can grow and develop his art. Thank you GOD.

In the midst of mine and Toby's spiritual journey a few years ago, we had subscribed to a website called TUT. The main idea is that thoughts become things. Whatever you believe and think you draw to you...if you have negative thoughts, you draw negative things and vice verso. It makes absolute sense if you think about it. I'm sure everyone can account to the fact that when you think you will be sick or something bad is going to happen to you, it usually does. If you are on a more positive mindset you seem to draw positive life experiences.

Anyway, one of our assignments for TUT was to write a letter to ourselves visualizing what we see our future to be like in a couple of years. Amazing that the future that I had visualized over two years ago before I even moved to Austin manifested itself exactly like I had visualized it over two years ago.

Toby and I had been practicing bringing those positive thoughts to us since approximately 2004. Problem is, sometimes life works on it's time schedule instead of your time schedule. We still kept our positive thought mode only "backsliding" every so often.

After opening that inbox letter to myself I was once again reminded that thoughts really do become things....ALWAYS choose the good ones.

Off to do some more visualizing. :-)


  1. Blame it on harmones if you like, but I think this particular Texas summer with all it's heat coupled with the uncertainity of the economy has taken its toll. But like you said, you have projected a positive future, and are living it. Count you blessings. There are many, many who are not so lucky.

  2. OOOH. I like this post. There really is something to be said for the power of positive thinking. Jump-starting the positive thinking is often the trick, I find. I've been a little BLAH as of late, too. But I'm coming back! I jump-started with a list of goals today. Isn't that so "Type A" of me? ;) I'm determined to have some things to celebrate when my 40th birthday arrives in 2 years. :) Not that I don't have things to celebrate already, but I want to be intentional about living and not just allow life sweep me along in the current, as I've done so often in my life. Happy Sunday!

  3. Bless your heart, just feel the energy that swaps you at present, what is it here to show you.

    Embrace the denseness of it's load, sit with it, don't push it away, go within deep within, feel those emotions that hamper your path.

    Working through the "darker" side of our self is important to illuminate our Light, edit you mind, and once you can maintain your stillness throughout your days, you will realize that you will not think about anything, you simply just BE...............

  4. Interesting post...I am going to check out this website, as I have been experiencing much negativity lately.

    Many people are quick to say (and I have been guilty of this) to just buck up and be positive. Easier said than done. Much like telling a depressed person to just 'cheer up'.

    Positive thinking and visualization works, but sometimes it's hard to work your head above the muck enough to make it work.

  5. Thanks for the reminder. I like the idea of the future letter! I also subscibe to Tut, and look forward to hearing daily from the Universe!

    God Bless,
    Gloria Denomme