Sunday, August 2, 2009

Passing The Day

I have been on the scout for some new living room furniture for a while now. Not long ago while we were out and about we found a sofa that we liked. Now, for the life of us we can't remember where we saw it.

My memory served me that we had seen it at Macy's in Barton Creek Mall. Although Toby and I are not mall lovers, Summer is. It didn't take long to prod her to get ready so we could go check Macy's for the sofa I was searching for.

Of course, the sofa was not at Macy's either....or it may have been at one time but now no longer was. So our search is on again.

While we were eating at the food court in the mall Toby pointed out bungee jumping on the floor below the food court. This definitely caught Summer's attention. We finished our meal and took the elevator down to check it out.

The price was steeper than we thought it was worth ($7 for 3 minutes) but Summer really wanted to do it. I think if it had been left up to Toby, he would not have agreed to paying the price. Good thing for Summer that I was there. I think children should be able to have certain experiences no matter what the price....if the money is there at least. You're only a kid once.

Just as I suspected she would, she had a blast! 3 minutes last a lot longer than you think when you are tied to a bungee cord. And of course, the one time I didn't have my camera with me. Who knew I would need my camera at the mall????

Later on we had a neighbor kids birthday party to attend. Toby had to go to work but Summer and I were able to make it. End ended up being more like a block party than a kids birthday party. I always enjoy socializing with my neighbors. Aside from a couple of loco neighbors, most of them are very pleasant.

Summer had just as much fun as I did. By the time we walked home it was 10:00p.m. After a late night bath we crashed into the bed.

I like busy days. :-)


  1. It sounds like you are having fun again! :-)

    Wow! Bungee jumping at the mall! Who woulda thunk it? I don't blame you for not having the camera--who would have?

  2. We always take a camera when furniture better way to compare what you've seen?