Wednesday, August 26, 2009


While out and about today hubby and I were having a discussion. Unlike most typical couples our discussions usually don't revolve around kids or financial situations, but in-depth topics such as spirituality, fear, religion, education, etc.

For instance, today our topic was about living beings. e.g...why is is it considered by some to refrain from eating meat because it is considered a living being but yet it's o.k to munch on a salad or veggies (which are also living beings)?

The conversation was sparked by me today as we were passing by a farm on the way to errandville. I noticed a few cows by the fence. I made the comment that I had been made aware lately about the negatives of eating animal flesh. It's really something ordinary folks don't think about as we stick our teeth into that juicy burger or steak.

I made the comment that I thought the cow was cute and that I was rethinking eating meat products because the cow was a living myself. I am using the cow as an example, but there are many other meats that are forbidden by "vegans".

Of course, hubby always loves a good debate and proceeded to inform me that if I were going to quit eating meat for this reason than I should quit eating salads too. After all, plants are also living things that also react to their surroundings and stimuli. Plant life can feel and react just as an animal can. Maybe not in the extreme but in their own living way.

This got me to really thinking about living things in general. It is so true...all living things survive off feeding off other living things. There is no way around it. Animals feed off other living things with no qualms at's survival of the fittest...and yes, humans are animals in every form and fashion.

I began to think of all the alternate things that I could eat that I could sustain my life on and realized that there was absolutely nothing that I could eat that is healthy or good for my body that is not a living thing.

So to all you vegans out there I question of the day is what is the difference between eating a good burger and a salad???


  1. I know you can't believe everything you read, but I believe the factoid I read: "It is more eco-friendly to stop eating beef than it is to sell your SUV and drive an eco-friendly car." The rationale is that the raising of so many cattle to sustain our consumption of beef is adversely affecting the atmosphere due to the large amounts of methane gas the cows release in their flatulance. And frankly, I would be willing to stop eating beef before I would give up farting!

  2. Here are a few answers to the question (very good question by the way):

    Basically vegetarian say that animals have a brain and central nervous system so they experience pain, fear, emotion. But how do we really know plants don't experience those things just in a different way? Good thought for the day...thanks!