Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lucas's Arrival - Saturday August 8, 2009

The long awaited day has finally arrived! Although we are all excited about Luke's arrival, I think Summer was the most excited...after all, she had a playmate coming for a whole week.

Toby had to go to work so Summer and I headed to ABIA around 3:00p.m to pick Lucas up. Summer and I were talking his ears off and fighting for conversation time. Thank goodness my son is a laid back type otherwise he probably would have gotten wonder he was hoping Toby would be there with us when we picked him up. :-)

When we got home Summer and Lucas played. I'm sure Lucas probably just wanted to chill out, but big brother couldn't say no to little sis. Here they are racing on Summer's scooters in the 100 degree heat...

After they got good and sweaty, Summer convinced her very tall brother to "surf" in her little pool with her. Here is the "surf"...

Here is Lucas with bruised knees from the "surf"..

Jumping on the trampoline is always a favorite of theirs...

Big brother never comes without teaching Summer tricks on the trampoline. Here is a video of Summer's new trick complements of big brother...

The rest of the evening was spent with me cooking and preparing food while the kids ate, played and watched T.V.

We did go for an evening walk. Lucas got to see some our Texas critters. Scorpions were out everywhere...more than usual. He enjoyed playing with them and making them try to sting him...BOYS!


  1. awww, I think he missed her as much as she missed him!

  2. How beautiful, bless you all, love pours through in your every word :-)

  3. I can see that your daughter and son are very close. How wonderful! Enjoy your visit.

    Just catching up on your posts - had to laugh at the one about speaking what's really on our minds.