Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's More Important???

Within the past year or so Summer has taken much consideration to the way her hair looks, making sure that it is brushed the moment she gets out of the bed. I know little girls start to get really obsessive about their looks at one point or another so I do understand.

Unfortunately, poor thing was also blessed with her fathers very thin, fine flyaway hair. All it takes is one gust of wind and it looks like she hasn't brushed it in months....matter of fact, I am sure most people look at me and wonder why I never brush my child's hair.

Although she is obsessive about her hair, getting her to brush her teeth takes an act of God. I have to constantly "remind" her to brush her teeth daily. After my gentle reminder she acts as if I have asked her to pull her own teeth instead of brushing them.

So, I decided to leave her to her own vices and let her suffer the consequences of halitosis. Only in this way I figured she would realize the importance of clean, fresh breath. During my experiment I was cringing but I knew it was a necessary evil. I really wondered how long it would take her before she would brush her teeth on her own without reminders from the evil mom.

I had only been a couple of days that she had not brushed her teeth before she came up to me after her bath one night and blew her breath in my face and asked me if it smelled fresh. Hmmmmm.....I asked her why all of a sudden she was concerned about her teeth and breath. I had to laugh to myself as she dropped her head and told me that while her and Philipe (her little boyfriend next door)were playing he had told her her breath stunk.

See if she had only listened to her mother she could have saved herself some embarrassment....but who ever listens to their mother??????

Hopefully the teeth brushing thing has been nipped in the bud. On to a new child rearing dilemma....


  1. Ha!! Yep, Mom does know best, huh? I'm ready for my girl to want her hair looking good, dang it! Today I told her she needed to brush her hair and she asked me why? I told her. ."Because you can't go out looking like rats nested in your hair!" To which she responded, "Well, rats aren't dumb or anything!". Like she's thinking. ."Hey, it's kind of cool to have rat's nest hair!" Well, how do you argue with that logic?

  2. Bless her heart. Little does she know that in just a few years no one will be that honest with her. Seems like all the years we menstruate no one will tell us the honest truth. Gee, that just came to me....the wisdom of the 'AGED'?

  3. That is such a great way for her to learn that lesson! I always threaten mine with dentists and cavities, but with your method she actually understands the importance.

    But how can I use this method for a girl that doesn't care how her hair looks?

  4. Ah, the differences between boys and girls.

    Archie would wear his bad breath as a badge of honour. "Yeah", he'd say, "I haven't brushed my teeth for TEN days!!!!"