Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goodbye My Son....Hello New Year

Most of our day yesterday was spent doing nothing at all. The kids seemed quite satisfied with hanging around the house so that's what we did.

Lucas left to go back home this morning. Summer and I are always sad to see him go, but I know this time when he gets back home he will be on a new journey in his life. In December 2009 he received his Airframe and Power Plant license.

I am excited for him. He will most likely be working at Ft. Rucker military base in Alabama. The life experienced part of myself always encourages him to travel and explore the world around him while he is still young and unattached with reponsiblities like a wife and kids.

Of course, like most of us we never take our parents advice.....

Most of our week was spent hiking about, watching T.V., playing video games, and eating....alot of eating. When we were at home I was mostly in the kitchen. My family tends to like to snack and eat when we are at home.

Being the doting mother that I am that leaves me in the kitchen cooking, preparing, and cleaning when we are most hated chore.

It was a nice visit. Toby has been super busy at work once again which is always good for the whole family in more ways than one.

Now that everything has settled down it's time for me to plan my year. I have a few ideas in mind and I am looking forward to implementing them....

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  1. Life takes and gives a lot of living, don't you agree? A day at'a time. Time is what's short, not the living. IOW's Life = Living, and Living = Life. I can live with that. Happy New Year.