Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Chance To Be Beautiful

Summer got a Wii for Christmas. I think one of the things she liked best about it was setting up the different characters (avatars). She made herself first, then her brother and then a couple of friends.

She wanted to make me but I told her that I wanted to create myself. She sat next to me as I began to make my avatar. I selected my face, then my hair, my nose, etc.

I wanted my avatar to be as close to the way I really look as possible so I selected the larger nose and the squinty eyes. Summer kept encouraging me to select prettier eyes and a smaller nose.

I argued with her and told her that if I selected the features she was wanting me to then the character would not look like me.

She then said..."Aw come on mom, let yourself be beautiful for once!"



  1. You gotta love them. Once I lamented that I hated being fat and ugly.........oldest son informed that I was not fat and ugly.... I was fat and pretty.....