Friday, January 15, 2010

Travis County 4-H

Last year was the first year we have ever done a group activity...besides our homeschool group.

Even though we keep pretty busy doing our own thing and Summer gets plenty of "socialization" with her homeschool friend and neighborhood friends I decided last year that I wanted her to be involved with a structured group activity.

I wanted something that didn't involve alot of time or money. We decided on 4-H. We had tried to participate in a
4-H group once before when we lived in Alabama, but not at all shocking someone's religious beliefs got in the way and caused a little strife and ended the group before it even began....boy I don't miss all that religious competition that goes on in the Bible Belt.

So, although we have monthly meetings and help with fundraisers periodically, this weekend was the actual Travis County Youth Show. Everything that you do in 4-H leads up to the Youth Show.

Summer had three projects that she worked on for the show. An art project, a food project, and a plant project. She got blue ribbons on her food and plant project and a red ribbon on her art project.

Of course as Murphy's Law always goes it has been raining constant for the past couple of days. The rain is usually welcoming to me as little of it as we usually get, but we have four rabbits that their fur has to stay absolutely dry and fluffed until the rabbit judging on Sunday.

Well guess what Summer and I came home to today??? The tarp that we keep over the rabbits cage was totally strewn off. The wind must have blown it loose. Summer and I were out in the pouring rain trying to rescue the soaked rabbits out of the big outdoor cage and get them into their smaller carry cage inside the garage. It was the first time since we have had the rabbits that I felt love for them. Poor babies were soaked....

It was freezing rain and the ground in front of their cage had turned into sticky, slippery clay mud so we were slipping and sliding all over the place on top of freezing and wet. Never more animal projects.

We are not keep the animal neat and perfect kind of folks. We like to play with them amd love them. Animals are not for show to us, they are for play.

We are looking forward to the livestock show mostly for the fact that we will be socializing with the group....oh, and I will be glad that we will be getting rid of a couple of rabbits...


  1. Sounds all go in your world, bless the bunnies, I doubt that they like being wet!

  2. Hee hee! We're looking forward to being pet-free...waiting on an ancient, very crabby cat who won't give it up already.

  3. Hope the rabbits go to a happy place. I did Girl Scouts with my youngest - it is also not without drama!