Monday, January 18, 2010

Wild Hairs

All it takes is for the temps to warm up 10 degrees and Istart getting visions of explorations dancing in my head. To make it worse my favorite friend gave me some Texas hiking and backpacking books that only fueled the fire already in my head.

In the past couple of weeks I have envisioned everything from hiking/backpacking across the U.S. to Zip lining in Spicewood. I have decided to tone my fantasies down a bit and keep it simple...for the time being.

Anyway, the last day of Youth Show went great. After six months of being involved in 4-H and experiencing the Youth Show, I have decided that we very much like 4-H.

What I love most about 4-H is that it is very young person driven. They make the kids do everything. It is their group and very little adult interaction is encouraged.

I also love that it takes up very little time and money.

Here are some highlights of our last day of Youth Show. Summer was showing her rabbits. Two of her rabbits passed the test but one of them in the group was not "up to par" causing the whole group to be exiled. :-) We didn't care because it was all in fun for us but it seemed as though some of these kids take it very personally when their animals fail to make the cut.

I was so proud of her. She is getting so mature. She didn't seem insecure or out of sorts at all about the whole thing even though it was all very new to all of us.

Here is Summer waiting for her rabbits to be judged in the judging area....Oops, I think we all must have left our wrangler jeans, cowboy boots, and plaid shirts at home. :-)

Okay, I have to post this pic because I could have sat out all day long and looked out in the distance. Although I really HATE the fact there are no tall trees here to shade the blaring sun off of us, on the flip side I LOVE that I can see so much more without distractions like trees in the way of the view.

I took this pic of the downtown skyline. The Expo Center where the Youth Show is held is only minutes from our house. All I could think about when I saw this view was how we could easily see the New Years and 4th of July fireworks shows that are held downtown from this vantage point yet miss the crowds.

Fast forward to today. We had a playdate today. I was really looking forward to hangin' out with my favorite friend and her kids. The forecast was scheduled to be warm and sunny. Hmmphh....somehow the temps were not all that warm or sunny. We still had fun anyway...

After we got home the temps finally felt the 70 degrees they claimed to be. Here is Summer and "Peter" taking a siesta on the trampoline. Now how cute is that? :-)


  1. Nice dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.

  2. Love the view as well.

    Reminds me of three of my favorite views. On a clear day and at the top of Airport Blvd near my house you can see clear down to Mobile Bay. Also at Springhill College there is a bluff and you can see all of downtown Mobile, the night view is awesome...lastly my most favorite view rates as the drive back to Mobile from across the bay, just before hitting the Bay Bridge looking over the bay and downtown Mobile.

    I see that we've named a rabbit...does this mean that "Peter" has become a pet?

  3. That zipline thing looks awesome!! I want to do that!!