Saturday, January 30, 2010

From The Beginning...

I had a little time on my hands this evening so I began to look for things that I enjoy to pass my time. Reading is always first on the list when I have extra time.

Initially, I began to read through some of my favorite blogs, which I must admit is not that many. I am hard to please in every form and fashion. In my spare time I read the blogs of the comments of my favorite blogs trying to find intriguing blogs to add to my "favorites" list.

Until this day I have not figured out what makes a blog interesting to a reader. I guess blogs are like personalities...some of 'em you like, some ya' don't. I have read through several of the blogs of note, most of the comments of my selected few favorite bloggers, and some random blogs I have found on my own before I started to bore and decided to ready my own blog from the very first entry.

This is something that I never do...probably never have done. I found it to be akin to flipping through a photo album of memories.

That got me to thinking. When choosing a blog to read, most people don't start reading the first blog entry of the blogger. As for myself, I usually choose random blog archives that sound intriguing to me. If those posts are particularly interesting I will then choose to start from the beginning of the blog and move on.

I came to the conclusion if you read the first entry of a particular blogger and follow it through to the present you will be able to get to know that blogger in a more personal way therefore feeling more of a connection to the blogger...if in fact that blogger is a personal blog writer.

So that's what I did tonight. I started at my very first blog entry ever and started reading. Reading my posts brought back memories of all the good times, changes, sorrows, and a some tears.

Tonight I am giving myself a personal BLOGGER AWARD. After I read back on our life of the past 2 1/2 years I did a pretty good job of keeping an accurate account of what goes on in our life on a regular basis. Nothing is more interesting to me than reminiscing about my family, our adventures and our sorrows. Now that's vain isn't it!!!!

As my brother would say.."this is just a rambling post"...and it is. :-)

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