Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shoes and Things Like Shoes

I am a comfort kinda woman. I like my clothes, shoes, and accessories comfortable. Hell, I like my whole life comfortable from what I drive to the house I live in. I'm not a "Keep up with the Jones". I am not into impressing men or women with what I wear, drive, live in, or who I am married to.

I have not always been that way. Once upon a time I may have worn really uncomfortable clothing or shoes to impress......impress who is now what I wonder. Never had enough income to impress folks with the latter. :-)

I have been thinking about the shoe thing for a few days now. My dear husband prompted me to think about the shoe thing in depth when we were at the mall a few days ago.

Summer and I being the flip flop kinda girls we are had to improvise and keep our toes warm by wearing suffocating shoes. Luckily, I had found some comfortable slip on shoes a few months ago.

Summer on the other hand was perfectly satisfied with her flip flops until the temps plummeted under 40 of the very few reasons that we would ever be at the mall. We don't venture the mall unless the weather is rainy, or extremely cold or hot.

So here we were in the mall in 30 degree weather and Summer had her flip flops on. Her feet are very long and narrow like mine so it is hard to find shoes that fit properly - hence, one of the reason we love our flip flops.

We decided since we were at the mall we would try and do a little shoe shopping for Summer. If I didn't know any better I would think that my husband was gay. Everytime we have ever been in a shoe store together he has managed to get me to try on the women's high heeled shoes. In the past, he has gone as far as telling me how to walk in them. We won't even ask how he would know how to walk in women's high heel shoes....

When we were first together I had a couple of miscarriages. After my second miscarriage, in order to cheer me up he put on one of my "sexy" dresses and modeled it for me. To this day I am hoping that he really wasn't enjoying his modeling as much as he appeared to be at the time.

Anyway, I hate high heeled shoes. I can't walk in them and I find them to be extremely uncomfortable.

I watch women walk in them and all I can think about is how much their feet must be hurting them. I wonder why they are in those terribly uncomfortable shoes...then I remember who the ones are that really like those uncomfortable shoes...MEN.

I'm sure this is probably one of those reasons I will probably never be viewed as "sexy" to the opposite sex. At least I will die comfortable.

Tomorrow is mine and hubby's 10 year marriage anniversary....maybe I will get some high heels just for him and him alone. ;-)


  1. I say get the heels, a garter and some stockings, too. Maybe he will model those, too!!

  2. Love the flip-flops in the snow ;~)

    Much to the distress of society, I am a croc girl...these all to ugly shoes truly are the only shoe which do not hurt my feet. I've even have an "indoor pair" that I wear ALL day as slippers. When you get to be my age...I feel you've earned the right to be comfortable...mid life is hard enough without the undue stress of trying to impress!


  3. Happy anniversary!

    I can't get Kathryn out f her crocs, even in this cold weather. I basicly had to tell her you will wear shoes or you will not step out of the house. I wear only tennis shoes because of my back and don't get why she won't wear them. they are not that bad

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  5. I'm really sorry that you had a couple of miscarriages. I didn't know.

    Anyway, Happy Anniversary!