Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another Playdate

We had our second park playdate with our new homeschool friends today. We met at a different park that was closer to where I live. It's the cool Walnut Creek park that I had posted about previously with the large rock cliffs and the creek.

Angela had been to the Walnut Creek Park before but did not know about the hiking trails or the creek. We took a hiking trip through the woods to the creek and walked a little way along the creek with the girls. It was a nice walk. Most the "chicks" I have ever known in the past don't really like to do hiking or outdoorsey kind of things. It was kind of nice to have someone who didn't buck the idea of trekking around out in the woods and breaking a little sweat.

She is also a native of Shreveport LA and has only been in Austin for a couple of years so we are getting to learn the area together.

Since spring has sprung, I have taken notice to the weather here. It is really hot during the day and the sun actually feels hotter on your skin...but not humid like in Mobile at this time of year. Once the sun starts to go down it cools off to a very comfortable temp. The breeze we have here also helps with cooling things down. I have used my AC very little.

I have also noticed people around here really like their dogs. They seem to take them everywhere with them. They are always running on the trails with them and the dogs are splashing all in the creeks. I hope all dog lovers will forgive me, but there is no way I would take some nasty smelling wet muddy dog that's been running around in water on dirt trails all day in my car with me ANYWHERE...and I don't even drive a nice car. Even in my neighborhood people have these big huge dogs that they keep inside of their house. I could never imagine letting some big nasty pooping/puking hairy dog in my brand new house, much less on my brand new carpet...YUCK

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  1. I'm totally with ya on the dog thing! My carpet is old and pre-dirty from the previous owners and I STILL don't want a dog stinking up the place!