Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"The Birds"

When we first had a nest of birds on the front porch it was a cool and exciting thing. We watched the mama and daddy bird feed the babies and sit on the nest. We studied their behavior and looked forward to the babies arrival.

Unfortunately once the babies hatched "all hell broke loose". The mama bird has been very protective and makes sure that noone is near the nest....that includes family members/neighbors...anyone that may be on the front porch or front yard. This includes "calling" all her bird family members in to dive bomb us if we even poke our head out the front door.

Not to mention the poop I have had to clean off the porch while avoiding mutiple bird attacks. They make a terrible mess and their domination of their "territory" makes it hard to enjoy the front yard.

I am anxiously awaiting the babies to fly the nest. I noticed this morning they are excercising their wings and fluttering in the nest. I am looking forward to their departure as much as I was anticipating their birth.

On another note, we ended up getting a small swimming pool to cool off in throughout the summer. Unfortunatley, we discovered a small pinhole in the side of the pool after we had it filled. Toby suggested that we dump out the water and patch the hole but I did not want to waste the water....instead I duct taped the hole.

I don't know if the hole was there when we bought it or if it got there while we were trying to assemble the pool. There was alot of wind and we kept having to force it down to the ground while filling it up with water.

It seems fine with the duct tape and has survived several neighbor kids jumping around in it. I think it will survive.

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  1. I am sure Summer is glad to have a pool once again.