Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Canoeing on the Colorado

Honestly, I have never really liked canoes, but since they are easy to access and cost me no gas money they are my means to the waterfront. I have always had a fear of water...or should I say, a fear of what might be in the water. Being in a canoe does not give me a sense of security at all.

If you knew me and my fear of water, you would wonder why I even try to venture on a boat of anykind. All I can say is my love of the tranquility of outdoor life on the water outweighs my fear enough for me to take the chance of being swallowed up by some unknown underwater creature.

So today was our first canoe trip. I was actually surprised at how close the Colorado River is to our home. Only a few miles and we were at the canoe rental place. It's in the next podunk town called "Webberville" and the old man running the place smelled like a brewery. Good thing he didn't seem to drunk....yet anyway.

He gave us our map and we were on our way. I was really uncomfortable at first. The river is alot wider than what I am used to canoeing on....and of course alot deeper than what I wanted it to be. Or so I thought. There were alot of shallow pockets which Summer and I were very glad to see. Still I was a little paranoid about some big boats speeding by and knocking us over with the waves.

The river reminded me alot of the creeks and rivers in Alabama. There was even SAND on one of the little spots we stopped off. The day on the creek was very relaxing and very HOT. There isn't much shade on the Colorado.

There wasn't anyplace you could actually swim on the river, that is, unless you wanted to try to get out of the canoe without flipping it or swimming along the bank with snakes and other creatures. When we got home my neighbor and I were taking turns cooling the kids off with the water hose. She had here hose on them at her house and I had a sprinkler on here for them.

After a little while I went inside upstairs. Shortly after I got sat down at the computer I heard Toby hollering that Summer had lost her tooth! Her tooth has been loose for a while but not loose enough to be coming out yet. Seems the kids had got to rough-housing around and Summer's tooth got in the way. Anyway, she is a couple dollars richer today.

Here she is snaggle-toothed holding her tooth:


  1. What number tooth was this one? By the look of her cheeks she had a blast in the sun today. Love to all Melissa, Tom and Kathryn

  2. Hi snaggle-tooth!! I love your new smile :~) Kaitlyn says "HI".