Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Visitor

Charlie, Toby's brother, flew into Austin this morning. It's always nice to get a family member to come visit in our new home. Even though we do not miss the city of Mobile, we do visit our family and friends.

On Charlie's first day here Toby had to work the day shift at the tattoo shop. Charlie, Summer and I opted to go with Toby to work and venture the big downtown city of Austin. I figured since there were so many other things to introduce him to during his week here, this would be our only chance to let him see downtown.

I really hated Toby couldn't "sight see" with us, but he needs to be there when the money is coming in.

So, off Charlie, Summer and I set for the 6th street strip. It was a really hot day and we were pouring sweat from all the heat. Our first stop was the Austin State Capitol a few blocks away.

The antique water fountain on the Capitol grounds.

Here is a pic of Charlie resting on the video room floor of the Capitol. I think we were wearing him out!

After the Capitol we checked out a couple of cool little stores and a old Catholic Church.

After all the walking we did, we all needed some liquid energy. I knew from previous downtown trips there was a Jamba Juice downtown. It was just what we needed to trudge on.

We walked a few blocks to the Congress Avenue Bridge where the bats are and checked out Lake Austin. Afterward we walked back up 6th Street and Charlie spotted a wake board competition they were having in the streets of downtown. They had a HUGE pool set up for the event. I had never heard of "wake boarding" before but obviously it is a big water sport event because Charlie knew exactly what is was and he was very excited about it......and so was Summer.

We stood out in the heat for almost an hour waiting on them to get started. Even though I was kind of hot and miserable I was glad that Charlie's first day in Austin he was doing things that were fun and exciting for him.....after all he is on vacation!

Here is a pic of wake boarding:

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  1. Laura thanks for the pics of Charlie and summer I really enjoyed them. I hope the weather has been ok for you reciently with all the storms in Texas I was concerned. I am glad you are settling in and finding new areas to explore.