Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Driving

I was never really a big fan of the flea market in Mobile. Matter of fact, I really almost hated it. But since it was Sunday and Toby didn't have to go into work until later in the evening we decided to visit the flea market not far from our house.

I have to say for flea market sake it was a pretty interesting one. It was alot like Mobile's but had some twists in it, like fortune tellers, barber shops, a large band stage with a large outside picnic area and tons of snack areas.

Toby had a really good weekend tattooing and worked alot of late hours so he was pretty wore down. I knew he didn't feel like doing our usual hiking/exploring adventures so we decided to visit the next town to the east of us......Elgin, Tx.

I love to go visit the different towns surrounding Austin. You never know what you will find in them. Last week when we went to the Nature Center homeschool field trip, it was an hour away from us in a city called Bastrop. I really got a good feel for the place and it seemed really nice and the scenary there was beautiful, but unfortunately 25 miles from Austin didn't appeal to me. I have to be in close proximity to a larger city for convenience sake.

Anyway, we visited Elgin...that's with a hard g, like in any area some cities have really weird pronunciations different from the way they are spelled, so that when used wrong, will pinpoint you out as a transplant. Our realtor gave us a quick rundown of correct city and street pronunciations when we first moved here to spare us the disgrace of being a "transplant". :-)

Elgin reminded Toby and I both of small towns in Alabama. It was the first place that we have been here that we could say seemed "southern" and Alabamaish. The homes had a southern historical look to them .....unlike the homes in Austin that have a spanish architecture to them.

Aside from having a hometown feel to it, Elgin had nothing of interest there. We probably won't go back unless prompted for another reason.

I am looking forward to our next neighboring city visit in Round Rock. It is a little north of us about 20 miles. It's one of the more "in" places to live around Austin and more than we could afford from what our realtor I have never been there yet. I have a Cracker Barrell gift card that I intend on using there...Round Rock has the closest Cracker Barrell to us. Shame on Austin!

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