Friday, May 16, 2008

Our Week With Charles

Okay, honestly my full intention was to keep up the events of this week on a daily basis. I learned after having Lucas here it was very hard to look back on a previous week and remember all the cool details of the week.

Unfortunately, when we have visitors we are having so much fun that I just don't have the time it takes to sit down with my blog SO.........I will have to try and recap the week with the best details I can recall. Yes, memory does go as you age!

Since Austin's extracurricular activites have such a wide range Toby and I have only done 1/4 of what there is to do just in the city. We took Charlie to most of the same attractions as we did Lucas so I won't bore you with a carbon copy of the same kind of pics. We did visit a place that Toby or I have not even seen yet. Even though the weather was warm it really isn't warm enough to be swimmming.......but Charlie had an itch to go swimming so that is where we went....swimming at Deep Eddy Pool. Or should I say THEY went swimming. I am too cold natured to be out flapping around in a pool in 75 degree weather.

Summer and Charlie checking out the geese at the pool.

Here they are freezing their you know whats off. All of them were cold but Summer was sucking it up. She was having a blast swimming around in there. I was really impressed with her swimming abilities. She has never had any formal swimming lessons but she swims very well. I think I have to thank my niece, Megan. Last year they spent alot of time together in our pool in Mobile.

On Charlie's last day here we took him to Walnut Creek, one of our favorite places here. Of course my very mischeivious brother-in-law couldn't just walk the creek line, he insisted that we all climb to the top of the cliff overlooking the creek. Of course Summer was all for it and climbed a very steep cliff gracefully. I can't say the same for myself. It was very brushy to the top and steep and hilly and even though I made the climb without any accidents I was a little worried about coming up on some rattlers. The creek is beautiful, but we do see a snake or two every time we go there so I had my eyes and ears peeled. And Toby well....he just climbed along because he knows it was useless to argue with his very strong-willed brother.

While we were there we even found some impressions of fossils in the rock. Shells, turtle shells and what looked very much like a trilobite. I took a picture and came home and did some research. From my findings these "animals" are very prehistoric and are at least 250 million years old or older. From our history and museum tours we have learned that some of the rock here is millions of years old and there has been many, many dino bones found in the area. It's so cool to find "old stuff" on our own. Summer was loving going around looking at the rock trying to find the impressions.....and she even found a few.

If you look in the middle of this rock pick you can see the "what we think is" trilobite impression.

Charlie got to even experience the massive hail storm we had here a few nights ago. Now we have permanent dimples on our car. :-) We had all just gone to bed when the hail started. I initially thought it was someone throwing rocks at the house. I had never witnessed a hail storm before so my eyes were glued to the window watching the storm. Maybe it's just because I am immune to hurricanes after living through several of them, but I would have to say that the hail storm was pretty nerve wracking! Thank goodness we didn't get any damage to our home but from what I have seen on the news it looks a little like a small hurricane hit in some areas.

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