Saturday, May 17, 2008


We had a really good time visiting with Charlie this week. As usual I am elected to take the visitors to the airport because Toby usually works very late on Friday nights and needs his sleep to be able to be at work the next day by noon on Sat.

I really HATE being the one to take my loved ones to the airport. There is something so final about dropping them off at the airport. I feel that if someone just left my house and said goodbye it would not seem so final to me. Either way, even though I did not spend the whole day crying after Charlie left....I did shed a few tears after I dropped him off at the airport.......but don't tell him that. :-)

It's a really strange feeling being away from your family and friends. When we were living near them we really didn't see them all that much. I think it's just having the access to them that makes you feel "family secure". Even so, I LOVE it here. I'm not so sure Toby shares the same sentiment. He has had to take second job aside from his tattooing. Thanks to our wonderful president our economy is taking a dive and "service" industries like tattooing are going right down with it.

Homeschooling Summer is so easy here and there is so much to see and do. I think if he ever wanted to go back to Mobile he would have to go without me. Hopefully he won't.....but you never know.

But for now I am very grateful that we have a second income. He will be working for Siddons Fire. They build fire trucks and he will be doing the welding on them. The pay is good but he is also keeping his tattoo job just because he loves tattooing. SO, that leaves us with one day a week to do family outings.

With us having only one car I am also grateful his job is near our house. When I need the car I will be able to take him to work and keep the car. Summer and I will be doing most of our excursions alone. I really don't know Austin that well yet, so our field trips will be limited to familiar areas. I am really going to miss our family time.....and I am sure Summer will miss it too.

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