Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Homeschool Field Trip to the Crow's Nest

A couple of month's ago we signed up for a field to The Crow's Nest Farm which is only about a mile down the road from us. Unfortunately, when I signed up I didn't realize it would be the week Charlie was here.

Because of the male Ackerman tendency to use unacceptable language I had forbid the boys to go. It seems this language only intensifies when you get 2 or more Ackerman's together and I really didn't want Summer and my reputation ruined. After all, we know when and where the language is acceptable......Ackerman's haven't learned this little secret yet.

Toby was pouting a little about not being able to go. I really did want him to go so I relinqueshed and told him he could go but Charlie had to stay....from experience I know it is easier to control one than two. Thankfully, Charlie didn't pout about not being able to go so problem solved.

It was the day after the hail storm so it was really chilly outside, hence the reason you see Summer with a jacket on in the middle of May. There was a hay ride, a short film about the farm, plenty of farm animals, an inside display of reptiles, insects, etc., AND the kids got to milk a cow!

I really didn't think Charlie would have been interested in the farm, but after our visit I had wished I had let him go. It was interesting enough I think even he would have been intriqued.

Here are some pics of our day at the farm:

I was trying to get a pic of the peacock with his feathers you can see Summer was not wanting to be photographed with him.

This was a pet cemetary they had set up for all the animals that had ever been on the farm and had died. I wish I had got a pic of the whole cemetary. They had memorial statues for each and every animal from the snakes to the farm dogs.

You will probably have to click on the pic to see this. It was a prairie dog pen. The prarie dogs were so cute to watch. They kept popping up and down out of their holes and wrestling with each other. So cute.


  1. I love the comments about the Ackerman side of your family! I'll be they're very um...entertaining together! The field trip sounds really cool. How neat to be able to milk the cow!

  2. I know all about the language thing. I am on Tom constantly about "words" around K. It seems the more you are forbidden to do something as a child the more enticing it becomes. Sorry about that. I am glad Summer had a good time though.