Sunday, July 13, 2008

Granger Lake

Our weekly destination this week was to Granger Lake. Someone Toby works with had told him about it so I did a little research and we headed out. The drive there was new scenery to me and since I have taken up driving again I didn't really get to "sightsee" as much as I would have liked.

The lake was only about an hour away. We drove through a new town called Taylor. They had a really nice park/pool there. I have noticed that even the smaller towns outside of Austin have pools/waterparks in their towns. There is an endless amount of water play here.

When we got to the lake we were quite pleased. The lake was huge and there is camping, hiking trails, canoeing, swimming, etc. Again, we didn't get to see but a portion of the park. It's one of those places that we will be back to......probably to camp.

I found it funny that there were signs pointing to the "beach" within the park. I was a little excited that I may see some sand, but to no avail. The "beach" was rocks. Even though, it was still nice clean, swimable water.

We had a really good day at the "beach".

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