Monday, July 7, 2008

On a Day to Day Basis......

Aside from planning my weekly Austin activities I have been planning a trip back to my hometown of Mobile, Alabama. It's a really strange emotional sensation to cut your ties from your family and friends and life as you have known it to be for 40 plus years. But like Daddy has always said "Change is good". I have tested that and have seen that it's true.

I have felt happier and more content here than I have in years but there is always that "life" that you leave behind that is always in the back of your mind. It's akin to you getting married and moving away but still wanting to keep contact with "mom and dad".

I guess there is also the curiosity about how I will view things in Mobile from a different perspective. I do know that the only things that I truly miss about Mobile are my family/friends, Books A Million, Moorer Branch Library and Mexican food. Odd that I should be in a state that borders Mexico and still prefer the mexican food in Mobile.

Hope to see everyone in a few months!

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  1. be fitting in some girlfriend time!! Ya'll come on over and we'll invite all your desired hsing friends!!