Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lake Pflugerville

When I hear the names of some of these smaller towns outside of Austin they amuse me. There are some wierd pronunciations of different areas of town and street names.. For instance the city we live in is Manor but it's pronounced MAYnor.

When I mentioned this observation to Toby he reminded me that Mobile is often pronounced MoBILE with a long I, and that Gautier Mississippi is in no way pronounced the way it is spelled. I guess when you live in a city all your life you don't really notice pronunciations because that's what you have always known them to be.

Anyway, on with the day. There's literally not much to write about but for the sake of blogging here goes.

We visited Lake Pflugerville today. Of course it extremely hot and dry here so there is not much to do but stay indoors or go swimming. I have always prided myself on loving the heat....and I do, as long as the temps don't go over 95 degrees.

The lake was pretty cool. There is a jogging/biking trail that runs around the whole perimeter of the lake. I left Toby and Summer to swimming while I started to explore the area by walking the trail. The heat was just too much for me to enjoy my walk so I headed back and hung out in the water with the family.

We were going to walk around the lake in the water but just as we were starting our walk Summer stepped on a needle. A needle of all things at the lake. Anyway, it wasn't all that bad of a stick but being the dramatic child Summer is this kind of ruined it for her and she was ready to leave. So, as usual I only get to see part of an area I go to explore.

The worst part of this day is that I somehow deleted the pics I took before they were downloaded onto my computer. So no personal pics. Here are some pics from off the web if you want to take an impersonal look at the lake.

After the lake we had to go do Toby chores. That's never fun to me so I was really glad when we got back to the house. We swam in our yard pool for a little while and that was that for the day.

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