Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Birthday!

I just turned a ripe 44 years old! Although I feel somewhat physically older, my mind feels to be that of a young woman. I wish that I had only had the insight I do now when I was younger. My mind goes one hundred miles an hour. I don't remember ever feeling so alive as I have the past several months.

We actually celebrated my birthday while Toby was playing hookie on Monday. Summer made me a card, styled my hair and gave me a massage. Toby was extra sweet and bought me an ipod. That was my incentive to start walking again once this oppressive heat subsides. Unfortunately, I don't like swimming enough to use that as a form of excercise. My main goal in a swimming pool is to relax and enjoy the sun.

Today was also playdate day. Angela and I took the girls to Radijazz playnasium. It was really cool. There was a fake volcano with a foam lava play pit and some other kid oriented structures. There were plenty of comfy seats for the parents to sit back and relax too. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so no pics.

After the playnasium we took the girls to the bakery a few doors down and ate some bakery items. I was surprised they were very reasonably priced. I was expecting to pay more than I wanted to.

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  1. Happy birthday Laura. Glad you had a relaxing day. Love the new pic. Makes me want to move there too.