Friday, July 4, 2008

Our First July 4th in Texas

Holidays are always nice but most of the time I like to stay away from the crowds and spend time with my family. I decided to think out of my box this year and test out some of the celebrations that were going on in my "neck of the woods".

My plan was to hit Round Rock's Frontiers Day Celebration. We walked around for a little while, watched a jalapeno eating contest, and checked out some of the vendors. After walking around the park for a little while I saw that Toby seemed a little hot and miserable....and I was beginning to get that way myself.

I was wanting to check out another celebration that was going on nearby but decided since it was such a hot, sunny day that we would head home and take in some swim time at the pool up the road before the fireworks show began. Even though at this point I still did not know which of the fireworks shows that we were going to attend. As with everything else here, there are too many choices.

I have visited many parks since I have been in Austin and I would have to say that the park up the road from us is just as nice and has all the amenities that the other more popular parks do, that is, except for Zilker Park in downtown Austin. Nobody can beat Barton Springs. :-)

Anyway, even though I moved to a bigger city to have a bigger selection of activities, I find myself gravitating towards the smaller surrounding city atmospheres. It's really nice to live on the outskirts of a big city, and yet have the peace and quite of a smaller town with easy access to the perks of Austin. Every day I spend here I find more things that I love about it. I love just getting in my car and driving around just to see what you can find. I will be posting some pics of some of these "finds" soon so stay tuned.

On with our day. We didn't get to the pool until around 5:00p.m. By this time the sun was behind the clouds and the breeze here makes it a little too chilly for me to swim. That didn't stop Toby and Summer from swimming though. The good news is Summer took her swimming test for the pool and passed it. YAY! This means she can swim in the big adult pool unattended. Not that Toby and I aren't always in there with her but it's a pool rule that kids pass the swimming test to swim in the big pool.

We really love our pool too. It's never crowded and the swimmers don't act like animals or hoodlums. It's very family oriented.

So, we decided to attend a fireworks show in Webberville. Webberville is about 10 minutes from Manor right on the Colorado River. I found out a little too late that they were having a 4th of July Riverfest so we only managed to make it to the fireworks show.

We were a little reluctant to attend this fireworks display. Our experiences of small country town celebrations include drunk rednecks. I have to say that I was VERY impressed with their celebration. It was held at a small park on the Colorado. We got out our blanket to sit on and Summer played on the playground right beside us. There was a southern blues band playing somewhere on the park grounds. The music was great because it was not too loud and very enjoyable. It was very family oriented with the kids all playing and the parents hanging out. If there were drunks we didn't see or hear any.

The fireworks diplay lasted a really long time. We had seen our share of it so we decided to beat the crowd and sneak out before everyone else did.

The evening was my idea of what you might see portrayed on T.V. A small town celebration like something off of Little House on the Prairie in a modern day version. Good ole family fun.

When we got home it seemed that everyone in Manor was having their own fireworks displays. We discovered that we could sit in our backyard and watch many diplays from great distances. There is an advantage to living on a slight hill in an area with few large trees.

It was a great first 4th of July in Texas.

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