Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Symphony Square

It was Children's Day at the Square today. It's kind of like Kid's Day in Bienville but a little more elaborate and without the undesireables. :-) The focus was on musical instruments and there were samples and explanations for all the musical instruments in an orchestra. It's also held in Symphony Square which is a pretty cool area of downtown Austin that I have not checked out yet. I put the area on my list of places to venture because I noticed there are some trails that lead off from the square.

After the "show" we took the kids to the Art Park where they had crafts, face painting and other activities.

Since it was an overcast day and the weather was comfortable, Angela and I decided to take the kids and walk down towards the Capitol. There is a Bakers Emporium that I have tried to check out a few times but they are closed on the weekends.

The Emporium was nothing like I thought it was. The place was filled with 2 stories of homemade craft items. Senior citizens ran the place. It's very rare to see old people in this city... especially downtown, so it was a little nice to see the old folks. There was also a dining area in the back where they served food like your grandmother would cook. If it had been just Summer and I we probably would have stayed and ate lunch, but Angela's baby was starting to "voice" her disapproval of being out and about past her naptime.

After the Emporium the girls wanted some Jamba Juice. It was just a few blocks down from the can't go downtown without getting Jamba Juice.

Summer wanted Jordan to come home with us so Jordan just rode back to the house with us. After we got back to the house the girls played in the pool the rest of the afternoon.

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