Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Play Date Day

Today we met our Homeschool friends at the Nature and Science Center. I am proud to say that after 7 months of living here I can now maneuver myself around the city without too much stress. I can also say that I am now a proud aggressive driving Texan. :-)

Getting to the Nature and Science Center requires driving through downtown Austin. It helps that I have walked downtown many times while Toby was working at the tattoo shop. I am confident now that if I get lost I am familiar enough with the city that I can always find my way home.

We have been to the Nature Center a few times since we have been here. Unfortunatley it is another one of those places that has miles of hiking that I have not been able to explore.......maybe one day.

Unfortunately my friend has a little one that does not seem to like hiking around as much as we do and that needs a nap at a certain time each day. There was news today that she has another one on the way. I guess it will be awhile before she can do much exploring in the woods.

Here are some pics of our day:

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