Saturday, July 19, 2008


I took Toby to work today for the sole intention of making it to the Umlauf Gardens. The gardens don't open until 1:00 so we had about 30 min to kill before heading there.

After getting to the shop we just hung out with Toby for a little while. Since we don't see him much anymore, we were enjoying his company. Once the other artist got to the shop we convinced Toby to walk a couple of blocks down to the museum and convention center that we never made it to a couple of weeks ago. It's easy for him to walk around close by the shop with us because they can call us on the cell if the shop gets busy.

Of course it's 100 plus degress so it's not really all that pleasant to walk around but I really wanted to get some sights in. The museum itself is just an old house of some historical person that used to live there.....O'Henry or something like that. It was a really small house and not all that interesting (I'm glad it was free) so we moved on to the convention center.

On the way to the convention center we spotted a little blue jay that obviously had just flew the coup. He was in the little small park behind the museum flapping around. I didn't have much faith that before long he wouldn't end up in the busy streets of downtown not to mention being lunch for the huge German Shepard that was being walked in this park spotting him.

The convention center was nothing to be noted other than it was HUGE like everything else here......and of course air conditioned,so we hung out there till the sweat dried off of us.

As we were walking back to the shop I took a shot of the Frost Bank building. Don't you think that it's a very close resemblence to the RSA building in downtown Mobile?

In the end I decided that it was much to hot to be visiting an outside garden. I think I will wait until our temps go down for the garden venture.

Summer's allowance has been burning a whole in her pocket so we decided to go to Target. My full intention was to also buy me something new for my wardrobe. I have a birthday coming up and I always take pleasure in buying something that I outherwise would not. Unfortunately, I did not see anything that struck my fancy.

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