Friday, July 31, 2009

Was It Really Necessary??????

I pick up a copy of the Manor Messenger every Thursday at the local Texaco. It's my way of making sure I don't miss any of the happenings or goings on in my neck of the woods.

On the front page was this......

It's a big snake yes. The snakes life was shortened when he ended up in someone's backyard in the subdivision across the highway. Seems the heat and dry conditions are causing many snakes to come indoors thus causing increase in snake bites. This is only one of a few different instances like this I have seen lately. Not long ago a man in the next subdivision over was bit by a rattlesnake while sliding underneath his car to work on it. Cost him $30,0000 in anti-venom.

Normally the snake can live off the dew off the ground and get enough water but there is not enough dew this year so the snakes are moving in trying to find some relief from the intense heat and extreme dry conditions.

Sad to me. The wildlife is just trying to survive in this exceptional drought just like everyone else. Folks need to be educated. Teach your children to stay away from a snake if they see one and always be aware of their surroundings. I have ran up on a couple of rattlers since living in Texas and I know for a fact they are not out to get anyone. Each time I have came upon a rattler he/she would let me know WAY in advance that I was about to run into him. I'm sure he was as scared of me as I was him.

I have been known to kill a few ants or roaches in my lifetime but most of the time I have a "Live and let live" attitude when it comes to wildlife. Unless they are posing a direct threat or irritation to me or my family I leave them alone. After all, we all suppose to be sharing this God given territory we live in.

Why wasn't the Austin Reptile Service notified?? Why not just shoo the snake away as I do? For goodness sakes once you know he is there you can be alert to him. Most likely he wouldn't have come back once he knew he was not wanted.


I felt sorry for the snake myself. He was just being a snake. Stupid human FEAR of anything and everything. It's destroying us and our surroundings.


  1. I don't like spiders and snakes...that being said I mostly stay out of their way. If they come into my home....that is a different story. We have our share of moccasins near the pond and they will venture out from time to time. We did find a small one in the robot filter in the pool. I check that VERY carefully before I stick my hand in it now. I have a few king snakes living under the boardwalk that leads to the pool. I don't advertise that!
    I tend to simply back away from snakes and go to safety, like you.

  2. AGREED! That picture saddens the heck out of me...well actually it ticks me off! I absolutely hate when people overreact when it comes to wildlife!

  3. That's why I live in MN--no poisonous snakes! That way, any we see are just big bull snakes--harmless fellas.

    It's kinda sad, but I feel bad that guy had to pay 30 grand too.

  4. When I was in Alabama a few years ago, I read about a man bitten by a snake. The snake was in a bucket, and I bet the incident was preceeded shortly by a comment along the lines of, "Hey ya'll, watch this!"

    I have killed a few snakes in my lifetime, but it may be some consolation that I skinned them and ate them... at a time when we didn't have much money.

    Sorry to see the big guy dead, but he looks like he led a good life before he got the lead candy. One that size could probably break your leg with the force of his strike.

    All that being said, there is nothing wrong with being a tree-hugger, Sis!