Thursday, May 27, 2010

Barton Creek Greenbelt - Campbell's Hole

I have to admit today I just wanted to go to the thrift store or maybe even a book store and browse.

I knew my family would not feel the same enthusiasm I had for a relaxing day of browsing, or at worst they would let me have my way and then proceed to make me feel aggravated and annoyed (Summer) or make me feel rushed (Toby).

So, we ended up doing an outdoor activity...something that everyone always agrees on.

The longer I live here the more I'm surprised at the amount of water access that is available in a city that is hundreds of miles from a coastline. Lakes, rivers, and swimming holes are not hard to find. I lived on the gulf coast of Alabama my whole life and was lucky if I found a single swimming hole especially one that was not overrun by drunken rednecks or worse. Gosh, sometimes the redneck in me does miss the drama.....

Anyway, my favorite attribute is the water is clear and not infested with stinging or biting creatures...well except for the occasional snake making his way across the creek.

So enough glamorizing Austin, its already got the big head.

Here are some pics of our hike along Barton Creek Greenbelt. Our destination was Campbells Hole about a mile down the trail. There were closer accesses to the hole but we always like to get a little exercise and work up a sweat before we dip into the cool creek water.

Toby and I decided that we didn't think it would be so cool to live so close to the edge of this bluff...

Can't beat creek side entertainment.....after all, this is the "Music Capitol of the World".

Thoughts become things, choose the good ones!!!!

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