Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's Been Up...Daily Life

Aside from our weekly day trips not much of anything goes on at our house...well, for me anyway.

Summer has gotten to the age where she requires little care. As long as I get her pointed in the right direction for the day and prepare what meals for her that she can't yet concoct herself, I am home free for the day able to finally immerse myself in my own interests.

Summer spends most of her spare time on her computer socializing or socializing with the neighborhoods kids...yes, much socializing. Socializing is her main interest these days.

I am one of the opinion that humans find interest in things that are good for them at that moment and time of their life. Things they need for their developmental or emotional growth. Sorta like craving water when you're thirsty or a bath when you're dirty.

Yes, contrary to popular belief of the general public my homeschooled child gets plenty of socialization.

Here is Summer and her friend Jacqueline flying a kite my friend Robin gave her.
Eventually all the neighborhood kids got a hand at it that day. Luckily there is enough wind around here that it doesn't take too much effort to give them lift off...

Summer and Jacqueline. Jacqueline is one of my favorites of Summer's friends and the least dramatic, even though she tends to be a bit more sensitive than the rest of the girls which makes her one of the biggest whiners. :-)

This is Summer and Angela. Angela is the troublemaker of the group. She is also where Summer learns all she needs to know about sex and boys. Even so, Summer and I like Angela's spunk and outgoing personality.

This is Lesly. Her and Summer have been friends on and off for the past 2 years. They have a very love/hate relationship. You never know what it's going to be like for these two from day to day...

These are just a few that I have captured pics of lately. Playmates are not hard to find...for Summer anyway.

Last Sunday I took Summer and Jacqueline on a "field trip". Jacqueline always requests that I homeschool her. She is very intrigued by what Summer and I do for school each day.

I decided to take them to downtown Manor and give them a tour of Manor for an example of our school experience...History.

They got a snow ice from the local snow ice stand....Math

I then took them to the park where they played on the exercise equipment...P.E.

Then I took them to the local cemetery where they read and pronounced the names on all the tombstones...Reading and Spelling

After we toured the cemetery, we drove over to the railroad tracks where we walked the tracks and identified different bugs, trees, and skipped rocks into the creek...Science

In my experience, nobody is learning anything unless they are having fun while doing it or it interests them. Life is short....LIVE IT. Period.

Before we went home there was recess.....

On a different note, I thought I would post a pic that always gives us a chuckle when we pass it by. The Pink Monkey is an all nude club not far from the house. The huge pink monkey that sits on the roof of this place appeals to little ones and amuses big ones. Click on my link if you are nosy enough to see what the Pink Monkey is all about. Hmmmm....I even see where they are taking applications. :-)

Well I think that's about it for now. See ya soon!!!!!

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  1. Life does get easier as they get older..... in some ways. Never easy to be the referee for little girls! I found that I could either have two together or a whole group; never three. They will fight.