Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ronald McDonald House

This afternoon we had a 4-H obligation. Our groups job was to prepare a meal for the Ronald McDonald House residents.

Last week the girls (I say girls because that's what our 4-H group is mostly comprised of..only 1 male) decided on preparing tacos for the families.

The girls...and the one guy, had to prepare the meal in the kitchen of the house. I have to say I was pretty impressed. They prepared the whole meal for 30 people all on their own. The whole meal included a variety of freshly cut fruits, a pie, and taco fixings they prepared all on their own as a group with very little interaction from us moms. Oh, and let me tell you how hard it was for a group of women to be in a kitchen and not feel compelled to work!!

Here are some pics of the activity...

I do want to make note that yes, some of my pics look blurry. Hubby bought me a new camera recently that does not have the little small eye view thingy (whatever you call it) so I need to practice on steadying my hand when I hold the camera out to look at the big view thingy to take shots. I don't mold well as far as technology goes. Luckily I have a tech savvy daughter that it is with me most of the time that helps her mom out with my discrepancies.

After the meal was prepared it was time to go home and prepare our own family dinners. Before we left the "kids" decided to make use of the house playground equipment..

Another successful afternoon.


  1. Looks like a very productive group! I am sure the current residents appreciated all the effort. Your sweet girl is growing up so fast!

  2. LOL...I only started using the "big screen" a couple of years ago...infact I made hubby buy me a camera WITH an eyehole included because the "big screen" was useless to I LOVE it and the eyehole is useless ;~)

    What a great project for those kids! I'm sure their hearts were bursting!

  3. What a coincidence. Molly's softball team JUST this week prepared a meal for the Ronald McDonald house here for THEIR service project. I was impressed with all the girls as well.