Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lake Travis - Sandy Creek

Lake Travis is as close as you get to the "beach" without taking the three hour drive to the coast..minus jelly fish, sharks, humidity and sticky salt water. Surprisingly, today was the first time since we have lived here that we have actually went swimming in it.

Lake Travis is the fifth lake down in the chain of Highland Lakes on the Colorado River in central Texas. It's over 60 miles long so there are plenty of "spots" along the lake to swim and boat.

Since there are several swimming areas to choose from I decided to move from east to west along the lake. Eventually I plan to explore them all, but for today I decided we would check out one closer to us, Sandy Creek.

I don't know why this area was inappropriately named "sandy" or "creek". There was nothing sandy nor creekish about this swimming spot.

Either way, I thought it was a great place to swim...that is if I felt more compelled than to just go in as deep as my knees. Again, the skies were partly cloudy and the water is very cold. It takes alot more Texas sun and heat for me to jump into frigid water.

The water color of Lake Travis is a beautiful emerald green and the rock along the edges made it easy to get in and out of the water...although, you also can get a few bumps and bruises from the waves and current slamming you up against the rock.

What made this place even more perfect to me was that we were the only ones there. "I like my privacy" as Shrek says.


  1. What a beautiful spot! It is raining again and a little on the chilly side here, so seeing your family in water made me a little cold!!

  2. It looks like an oasis! What a great place. I'm with ya on the crowds, sista!

  3. Back in the mid-70's when I had a ski boat, we would overnight at a creek about 7 miles "up river" on the west side. Where the creek entered the lake, were wide Burmuda grass banks where we'd pitch a tent and spend the night. We'd water ski in the cove until it got too dark, build a fire, eat supper, and get up and it all over again the next day. I love Lake Travis.

  4. looks like Toby and Summer had no problem with the cold

  5. Awesome photos! Lake Travis had a little more water in it back in 2010; but there's still plenty today for boating, swimming and water skiing. And the weather is getting nicer (finally!) Looking forward to some more pics.