Friday, May 7, 2010

Camping On Inks Lake

It's been 3 years since our last camping trip...our first here in Texas.

Although I am not a fan of sleeping on the ground, I do love being outdoors listening to the sounds of wildlife and watching the stars before I close my eyes into slumber land.

We picked Inks Lake for our first Texas camping experience. There were no regrets to our choice. There were several times on our trip that I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was absolutely beautiful, refreshing, and bonded us together as a family.

Since I have so many pics I will give a picture summary of our trip.

Here is our camping spot. We were right on the lake.

Summer spent most of her time at the edge of the lake. Someone had left an old cast net down there that she was totally intrigued with.

We had worked up a sweat after we unloaded all our stuff and set up camp so we headed out to explore and take a dip. We ended up at Devil's Waterhole. I don't know why it's called Devil's Waterhole. I have not taken the time to research it....

Not being a fan of deep water, while the "kids" were swimming I decided to take Brandi and do a little exploring on my own. The area was the usual rocky hills so I had to leave Brandi behind below so I could climb the rocks and take some pics from above.

Later on that evening we checked out another swimming area. I spent my time reading a book and taking pics. Something about swimming with millions of fish eggs floating around in the water did not appeal to me...

It had been a long hot day and it was finally time to get back to camp, prepare our picnic style dinner and start an evening fire.

At dusk it was a real cool factor to see the deer grazing so close to our site. You could tell they were very used to being near people and didn't mind us coming close enough for a pic.

Sleep was restful. I awoke several times during the night to see a stray shooting star and hear scurrying nocturnal animals.

We awoke the next morning starving. We had meager amounts of picnic food from the day before left...nothing that would sustain us through our active day. We did a search on the GPS and found a restaurant nearby to have some brunch.

After we ate we came back to the park do to a little hiking along the lake. We didn't hike long before we came upon a cool little waterfall. While Toby and Summer stopped to check out the waterfall I ventured on down the trail a good way to try and get some more pics. I could have walked along that trail forever taking pics but I knew my family was probably down there tapping their foot waiting on me to return.

The waterfall area we found was soooooo relaxing. The water was cool and clear and the sound of the waterfall was serene. Aside from seeing a couple of snakes it was perfect. We did have our eyes peeled for any stray snakes while we chilled in the water.

After we chilled at the waterfall a little while we ventured to the other side of the rock where there was a larger swimming area perfect for Summer. It was deep enough to swim in but yet not to deep that she couldn't stand up. Summer loved the area but it seemed a little snakey to me...even though I never saw a snake on that side.

Poor little Brandi was totally out of her comfort zone the whole trip. She hates water and she definitely hates to walk on a leash. I did have to put her in the water a few times to cool her off. It was so hot she didn't seem to mind.

Here is what she was doing most of the time...watching, waiting, looking forlorn and lost. That's just Brandi for ya.

We were having such a good time and there were still areas of the park we didn't get to see. I wish we could have stayed another night. I look forward to our next camping trip to Inks Lake.

Here are a few miscellaneous pics..


  1. OMG, what an adventure.
    And, yes, I think that you did find heaven, such a beautiful place.
    Thank you for taking me with you :-)

  2. Beautiful...looks like your camping trip was perfect...welcome back!

  3. Hey, do you happen to remember your camping spot number? I'm about to make a reservation, and that spot looks perfect -- quiet and secluded. Thanks!